Language Courses

Our clients, in its majority, are adult professionals, from national and multinational companies . Busy schedules, long meetings, frequent travel and the unexpected are part of our student´s routine, and also ours.

Develop an objective and transparent program, conducted by a competent professional is a fundamental condition for the credibility and motivation to achieve success.


We seek through methods, concepts and contemporary techniques to establish a compromising relationship and trust with our customers.

All programs are guided by: andragogical concept, Communicative Approach, Partner Principle interactionist and Learning Styles.

Levelling and Transparency

We determine the level of each student based on online tests developed by Oxford, which allow a more complete and accurate assessment of language skills of the students.

The leveling is done according to the CEFR – Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, internationally establishing six fluence levels. This instrument ensures the transparency and accuracy we wish to print in our business , since students are aware of their goals and skills at every step.


At the end of the level, students will be tested and certified by official tests like BULATS.

Exclusive access to our online system in which we provide all course information, contract, financial plan and content classes.

You can also follow frequency and performance notes, ensuring transparency and rapid feedback.

Modalidades dos Cursos


Meets the needs of the most demanding professionals who need to speak a second language to quickly achieve your goals.

The training unite theory and applicability focusing on immediate results.

The student is constantly motivated while realize their daily needs and interests are met.


Oriented learning, problem solving tasks and common expressions that professionals deals on their everyday life .

The teacher acts as a facilitator , encouraging participants to an active position ,experiences , promoting self-assessment ability and teamwork, avoiding sudent´s passivity and discouragement.

Location and duration

The training can be conducted in person, in company, residence, or entirely online by accessing our virtual platform. We also offer individual rooms at our headquarters, located at Rua Cincinnati, 13 – Brooklyn our at our Paraiso branch, Rua Tomas Carvalhal, 770.

The duration of the training varies according to the availability of the student or the demand to attain an objective within a certain period. So we have a varied range of courses. Search the most appropriate course to your profile and needs.