Course Profile

Business English works and emphasizes communication skills in the corporate world: meetings, projects, presentations, emails, etc. It is a communicative and interactive program which addresses real cases that provide authentic insights on business issues.


Business English

This course assists those who need to improve their communication at work, teaching a wide range of business communication skills. It features video clips for each unit, including documentaries, authentic interviews and dramatizations of business communication skills. Tips and advice of the Cranfield School of Management introduces a honest perspective of business and applies professional theories to real situations.


Business Proficiency

This course is designed to reflect the rapid pace of the business world and brings authentic and official content of the Financial Times to the classroom. Each unit has a new case study with reviews from successful consultants who work in real businesses. It comes with a DVD-ROM with 100% authentic audio and videos with the solutions of the cases studied. After each unit a lesson covers techniques and practice for BULATS or TOEIC proficiency exams. At the end of the course, the official test chosen will be applied giving the participant not only the correct measure of his/her course as well as an International Certificate of Proficiency.


English for Work, Travel and Social Interaction

This proven formula combines general English with business situations. It brings social functions and functional English required for work, travel and socializing. It features mature lifestyle topics and authentic international contexts that reflect the real needs and interests of working adults. It focuses mainly on socializing functions, phone calls and participating in discussions, enabling the individual to communicate with confidence.


English for Specific Professional Areas

Aimed at executives and professionals who wish to improve their competence in specific subjects like: Presentations, Customer Service, Telephone Service, Aviation, Purchasing and Sales, Accounting, Correspondence Legal, Commercial Correspondence, Electronics, E-mails, Nursing, Engineering, Automotive Industry , Pharmaceutical Industry, Social Interaction, Logistics, Medical, Media, Trading, Law Professionals, Advertising and Marketing, Human Resources, Business Reports, Meetings, Energy Sector, Information Technology, Telecommunication, Cabin Crew, etc…


Everyday English

Structured for consistent learning and the development of the key language skills. Explores verbal communication for social or traveling purposes. Starting with topics and texts that stimulate discussion, combined with dynamic interaction between the teacher and the student, this course satisfies his/her desire to speak English. Develops the four essential communication skills.

The student will count on multiple resources and support material that include extra reading, vocabulary extension, exercises, videos and audios, both on DVD, as in an exclusive online platform.