Bearing in mind the features of a major capital, we know that relying on a service provider to efficiently meet any business needs to communicate in English, Spanish and Portuguese is a great facilitator.

Language Quest was idealized under the Language Solutions concept; and since 2004, it operates in the corporate market, strengthening its position through innovative solutions and personalized service. Our headquarters is located in the Berrini region, in São Paulo, an active commercial hub, which currently houses large national and multinational companies, it contrasts the business setting with its casual and relaxed atmosphere.


Training and Professional Development

Our team stands out for its expertise in creating and deploying language training and development programs for professionals and its perception of the need to adapt and realign objectives.

Working directly with the Human Resources department also provides accuracy and impartiality in proficiency assessment for admission and/or fluency level mapping of the employees by applying online tests through Oxford or Cambridge platforms.

Corporate Communications

We offer fast and accurate support in the translation of contracts, manuals, reports, policies and advertising campaigns, among others.

Corporate Communication can also assist in
the organization of events, provide equipment, such as sound booth, and interpreters.

Explore new learning possibilities with the Language Quest and discover new language solutions.


Provide security in trade relations transposing barriers, boundaries and cultures, promoting understanding in international communication.

Our mission and goals are still the same from when we started but with a deeper knowledge of the market and its needs.
We always aim to understand the needs of our clients by listening and perceiving their necessities so we can design a solution that fits their specific needs. And maintain a relationship of trust and partnership and obviously deliver what was promised with the determined timeframe.

Maira Bertante (partner and founder of LQuest)

Social Responsibility

Since the beginning of our activities, we become aware of the role we have in society and the environment as managers of a successful business. We evaluate our way of consumption, its impact on the environment and its importance for our activities.

As the levels of awareness on the subject grows, so does our effort to face the new challenges looking for ways to work together to find solutions.

Among some of the activities adopted by LQUEST are :

  • Donation of books and teaching materials to NGOs and associations working with further education
  • Translation of various materials NGOs and educational associations
  • Phasing out of paper printing